Old New Year is otherwise called the New Year, old style.The celebration of the new year due to the difference in the calendars.System calendar has its own history.

in 46 BC, all the countries that make up the great Roman Empire, began to live according to the new approved Julius Caesar, the calendar.He was named the "Julian".In modern times Russia is living on this calendar.

year consisted of 362.25 days, and its beginning coincided with the entry into office of the consuls - January 1.First Ecumenical Council, convened in the year 325 approved the Julian calendar.From now on the life of the Christian Church proceeded in accordance with the Julian calendar.

1,600 years later Gregory XIII reformed the calendar.In 1582, we entered into use the Gregorian calendar.He took into ac

count the errors of the old.Under the new calendar year amounted to 362.2425 days, that is, turned out to be shorter.When converted revealed a difference equal to 13 days.According to this calendar, now living Russian Orthodox Church.

Thus, in the calendar grid fit another holiday - New Year, old style - Old New Year, which has become incredibly popular in Russia, especially among people of faith, as it gives them the opportunity to fully enjoy the New Year's holiday after fasting.

turns out that the Old New Year - a New Year of the Gregorian calendar.It should be noted that in Russia there was a time when the New Year was celebrated on September 1, then under Peter I moved to January 1 on the Julian style, then make the transition to the Gregorian calendar, which now adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church.

After the 1917 revolution, it was again decided to return to Julian letoischesleniyu and celebrate the New Year on January 1st.This celebration of the Orthodox New Year and remains at 14 of January.So it happened that the public New Year's Eve in modern times on January 1 and the old church - the 14th of the same month.