American ornithologists announced the reason why a small town in Arkansas Bebe dropped thousands of dead blackbirds (2 to 5000).'Carcasses were littered yards, streets, roads, "- told by local residents.According to scientists, blackbirds startled fireworks.A massive drop happened just at New Year.Birds descended too low, hiding from the bright flashes and noise.As a result, birds faced with various objects, broke and died.However, according to witnesses, not all birds before you die, always with something encountered.Many of them are just a stone flew from the sky, causing doubts about the version of ornithologists.Ecologists on this subject has its own version.They argue that the birds - are indicators that reflect the state of the en
vironment.Mass deaths of perhaps indicative of some air emissions of toxic substances, and the version with fireworks unveiled to the public peace.Many eyewitnesses "ptitsepadov" commemorated by a film-catastrophe "core of the Earth," with a similar plot: birds fall from the sky, beating against the walls of houses.The cause of their demise in the film acted distortion of Earth's magnetic field and change the speed of its core.Who knows, perhaps, to blame these anomalies of the planet.Birds are guided with the help of his inner compass, and can not respond to such changes.Some experts suggest that the bird deaths may be due to tests carried out 'electromagnetic weapons' ranges in secret US and Australia.By the way, "electromagnetic bomb", which appeared in 1992, generated in the explosion of a powerful radiation that is capable of disabling the electronics temporarily deprive consciousness of the people and to kill birds on the fly.But how to explain the case of Sweden, where the conduct of these trials is unlikely? Maybe the death of the birds could be a by-product of secret experiments studying the control of the weather.If their conduct from the aircraft to the atmosphere dump chemicals.The mixture of barium salts, various chemicals and polymer fibers can greatly affect the livelihoods pernatyh.Samaya exotic bird deaths hypothesis explains the harmful influence of UFOs.However, it seems too far-fetched if bird and died due to any objects in the sky, the cause of their death was always a hit, but not incomprehensible destructive izluchenie.Naibolee pessimistic prophet and soothsayer birds fall is treated as a sign of the impending apocalypse.But religious scholars do not support this idea, pointing out that in the Bible "Revelation" where it says about the coming end of the world, there is nothing about the birds falling from the sky.This is easy to verify, re-read text.