To your outfit not only beautify you, but also brought luck, choose clothes, focusing on the taste of the owner of the coming year.For example, according to the Chinese horoscope, 2013 will be the year of the snake.The element - metal.This means that New Year's Eve is best to wear white or yellow outfit.Suit and things champagne color ivory.Decorations must be made of natural stones.

options suitable for any holiday will be a little black dress.Discreet and beautiful at the same time, it is perfect for any party.A brighter lovers can replace it with a great little dress - a popular novelty of this season.Made of spectacular flowing fabrics, decorated with rhinestones or sequins, these dresses look elegant but not pompous.

Select outfit bright colors - red, blue, green.Feminine dresses juicy shades again become
popular, so why not take advantage of.All eyes are on New Year's party will be directed to you.

New Year - time for miracles.Perhaps you will become a fairy or a princess from a fairy tale.Open cherished grandmother's chest and try on old dress.Looking for an interesting outfit can also pay a visit to second-hand.If you celebrate the holidays with friends, make an impromptu carnival is an excellent option.

Pay special attention to shoes, in which you will celebrate the New Year.It should not only fit the dress, but also be comfortable.It is unlikely that you will be sitting on the couch all night - you want to dance, play active games and have fun.Take care of this in advance - do not give preference to a brand new high heels, and a proven comfortable shoes.

carefully selected accessories that complement your look.If you have not picked up dress according to the taste character of the year, to please him - wear a scarf or belt to dress his favorite color.In the New Year's Eve, it is desirable to give preference to jewelry made of silver, gold and precious stones, not a popular jewelry.