Wait until the winter solstice and reckoned from the date of the second new moon.Festival usually falls in late January - mid-February.New Moon - when the moon is full, "dark", not the appearance of the crescent as it may be considered in other kalenaryah.In China, this day is considered the beginning of spring and is called Chunjie.
paint the walls of the house with beautiful drawings, inscriptions and wishes for the next year.Arrange the room with pine branches and cypress, coins, red lanterns.Symbol of the New Year - mandarins, which usually give each other two.Orange citrus fruit decorate the home for a few days before the holiday.The fruit should be mandatory and at the New Year's table.Th
e phrase "a couple of tangerines" in Chinese is consonant with the word "gold".
Cover the holiday table.Treats made to prepare in advance to a few hours before the New Year not to frighten the good spirits knife.According to legends, the table should be an abundance of different treats.Traditional dishes are dumplings, which are called "jiao-zi," soup with dumplings or noodles.
Get together with family the day before desired date, since the New Year - a holiday family.Streets of China at this time - quiet and deserted, because all are at home.Traditionally, you have to be in scarlet robes, this color frightens off all evil spirits.Head of household charge to seal the door dwelling red strips of paper with Christmas symbols that monster could not prevent the parish patron and good spirits.
Give gifts to family members.Traditionally, it can be tigers, dragons, fish, decorations in the form of the character "happiness", red lanterns, firecrackers.On New Year's decided to give the pair a sign of things to the wishes of family well-being.Great demand for the holiday are red envelopes for the money - Hongbao.It is believed that the shiny coins and banknotes rustling scare away evil spirits.This red envelope is required to offer children.
Stock up firecrackers and crackers.By tradition, the ingenious Chinese using pyrotechnics and lights scare scary monster nicknamed Nian.If it appears, then comes the cold water in the river is frozen, dying plants and flowers.But if to frighten away the monster Nian, then come back the fertile season.Exactly at noon, start to sky rocket fire and colorful fireworks.
During the holiday certainly enjoy the traditional performances.It may be the dragon dances, lion dances, street festivals.New Year is celebrated in China for a week.Residents pay a visit to China to all their relatives, friends come to visit.