for Christmas trees 2012 will be relevant beads, figurines of birds, feathers, gold, copper and burgundy colors.It will look very original cones covered with gold or silver paint and antique toys.For lovers of oriental style there is good news - this year the Christmas tree can be decorated with various figures of dragons.The main thing - do not overdo it.If you want to celebrate New Year in a romantic setting, decorate your Christmas tree with figures of angels, snowflakes and blue.You can also choose the same size balls white or silver, but instead you can hang garlands of artificial snow or dozhdik.Esli assumed a
holiday for children, then, of course, the lower branches of trees can decorate the candy, and the upper branches - bright toys unbreakable differentforms and tsvetov.Ochen will look beautiful handmade toys.They are very easy to do.For example, for the manufacture of garlands with figures, you can use glossy paper from which to cut the desired figures, and then paste them into thin ribbons of vertikali.Takzhe just make different stars and other geometric figures.It is necessary to take a thick cardboard, cut out what you need, and then cover gold or silver paint and sprinkle with glitter.At the top of the resulting toys make a hole, insert in a string or ribbon and hang on elku.Pered beginning decorations think carefully what you want to get a result.The first thing you need to hang a garland, toys and then in descending order forms (that is, the first big, then small).If the tree is large, you can use a great decoration, but if the tree is small, then the toys should be such as not to overload it.Remember, and that the number and size of Christmas toys should decrease kverhu.Poprobuyte decorate the Christmas tree in the same color palette.This tree will look very beautiful and elegant.