main way to make the New Year - a favorite student of theater schools reincarnation in Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden.Santa Claus invited to a New Year almost all families with children, in addition, many are doing it at the last moment, when all of the company organizing events are overwhelmed with orders.If you are even a little know how to sing or dance, get along with children and know a few fairy tales or children's poems, this work - for you.Begin to look for the best bookings through friends and acquaintances if needing Dede Claus, no, you can put an ad on the Internet or even just paste up ads on ordinary houses in your neighborhood.The average cost of the services of Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden - from 3000 rubles (directly in the new year NJ night even more expensive).Cons of this work - the inability to celebrate New Year family and the "dry law".
lovers do something with their hands may already be starting from December and up to the old New Year and sell handmade greeting cards (of course, your own).To do this you need only material and your creative streak.Cards can be sold through the Internet on their own or through a store of original gifts handmade (in Moscow is, for example, "Lost").Such stores accept and other original gifts, made by their own hands.
Few leaving on New Year of holidays can bring along your pet - cat or dog.If you love animals, then the option "babysitting Tuzik" for you.The duties of a "nanny" includes paddock animal feeding (the owner buys the food itself), games.On the day on a dog can earn up to 1,000 rubles.You can offer your services on the forums of animal lovers, or social networks.
New year of holidays - a reception and visiting friends and relatives.Not every one of us likes to observe the "dry law" during these events and not everyone goes on a visit to the underground.This means that the demand for "sober driver" in the new year of holidays will increase.If you drive a car, then it will be able to capitalize on the amateurs feasts.Services sober driver in cost 1500-3000 rubles for leaving.