Summer Olympics in London was opened July 29, 1948, and ended August 14, 1948.Officially, they were listed as the XIV Olympiad.After the last of the Berlin Games in 1936 two follow - XII and XIII - did not take place.In 1940, they planned to Tokyo, and 4 years later - in England.However, this time it was necessary for the war.On the next sports aggressor countries, Germany and Japan were not invited.

Immediately after the conclusion of peace at the IOC session in 1946 London was named the new host of the Olympics - the second time in the history of the Games.The last time t
he Kingdom has taken athletes only in 1908.

The event was prepared in a tight economy and food shortages.London streets were still not fully restored after the Nazi bombing, but organizers still managed to accommodate both military camp more than 4,000 athletes from 59 countries for the competition to 19 destinations.The Soviet Union was invited to the Games, but take part in them did not.

XIV Summer Olympics did not become prominent on sporting results, as in many countries after the war was not prepared teams.However, these events were remembered his world record in 2 and 1 in the heavy athletics, 1 - in the shooting.The woman swimming updated 5 of 5 Olympic records, and men - 4 of 6. Total athletes received 411 medals, 84 of them (including 38 gold) went to the United States, and 23 (among them 3 gold) won the host country.

Summer 1948 brought the history of the Olympic Games a lot.Women's teams competed in rowing, sprinters began to flee from the starting blocks.Spectators were able to see the live broadcast of a sporting event on national television.To assist in the organization of the competition was created by a team of volunteers.Olympics for the first time saw on their sites talented young athletes from developing countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Burma, and Venezuela.