Lillehammer - enough to the old town, the first settlement is dated to the Iron Age.It can not be called metropolis - the city was only 25 thousand inhabitants.Until 1994, he had nothing to do with the Olympic Movement, unless, of course, apart from the fact that the Israeli intelligence liquidated waiter in Lillehammer, which is considered a party to Munich Massacre.

for the Games in 1994 in the city was built a magnificent ski jump "Lysgårdsbakken" with 40-thousand stands, which even won a prestigious architectural award.It carried out and opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.This sports facility and is now in excelle
nt condition - in Norway once again going to use "Lysgårdsbakken" youth Winter Olympics, scheduled for 2016.

Most events were held in Lillehammer, but the organizers have taken out a few starts in the neighboring cities.For skaters competed in Hamar, skiers - in Ayer and Ringebu, several hockey matches held in Gjovik and bobsleigh track housed in Handerfossene.All Olympic venues were located at a distance not exceeding 50 kilometers.

at this Olympics for the first time the former Soviet republics participated in the status of independent states, as well as the republic, formed the previous Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.As a result, the total number of participating countries has reached the maximum at the time for the Winter Olympics of - 64. However, the number of participants was lower than in the previous Winter Games - 1739. The greatest success achieved Olympians Norway (26 medals), Germany (24), Russia (23) and Italy (20).The Russians have won five medals in figure skating, cross-country skiing, speed skating and biathlon, but could not get through even in the top three winners in the hockey tournament.