atmosphere during the Olympics was pretty tense.Tom was the fault of the Cold War, exerting its influence on the relationship between athletes.USSR team at the Games was accompanied by security officers, who vigilantly monitor the behavior and contacts athletes.Against the backdrop of discord between the US and the Soviet Union, Americans are increasingly enticing to her Soviet coaches and athletes.This helped to improve the preparation of the United States team, and just to spite ideological opponents as US intelligence agencies gave a lot of pleasure.

Olympics 1984 in Yugoslavia, became a triumph for the GDR.East Germans got 9 gold medals, the athletes of the USSR - only 6. At the opening of the Soviet flag carried Vladislav Tretiak.Probably, it brought good luck to hock
ey players of our team, who took first place at the Games.

became leader of the Swedish Olympic athlete skier Gunde Svan, who won the competition to two gold, one silver and bronze awards.His name was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.Swann was assigned 11 times world title, and four times he won at the Olympics.

Queen trails was named Finnish athlete Maria Hamyalaynen that during games three times rose to the highest step of the podium.In the men's figure skating champion title he won the American skater Scott Hamilton, is unusually high speed on the ice.

in figure skating women's gold went to young Katarina Witt of East Germany.She is constantly surrounded by a crowd of journalists and fans.Witt called the most sensual, elegant and sexy female athlete of the Olympics.Bronze Award went among odinochnits Soviet athlete Kira Ivanova.In ice dancing champions were Englishmen Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill.

Very interesting was the hockey tournament.The national team of the Soviet Union wanted to get even with the US team for the defeat at the last Olympics in Lake Placid.But revenge is not received, the US team failed to reach the final.In the final tournament of the most interesting was the meeting with the Canadians and the Czechs.Team Canada defeated the Soviet team with a score of 4: 0 in the game proved to be great goaltender Vladislav Tretiak.And he shone in the meeting with the Czechs that Soviet athletes won with the score 2: 0 and won the gold medal.