Remember that New Year - it's a family holiday, to be found only among the closest relatives.Before nightfall should seal all doors with colored paper to the evil spirits could not break into a cozy home.Decorate the walls and windows graffiti with gratitude and wishes of happiness.Try to get the figure of the dragon, tortoise, phoenix and Cilipi, as this composition will bring into your home prosperity and joy.
then perform the ritual burning of money, toys and clothing.The Chinese are buying such symbolic doll clothes and not real money in the market.You can pretty easy do it
yourself.When burning these things up in the air takes off smoke, which is the Chinese believe, later transformed into a real counterparts.
And then, finally, there comes a moment when the house gets the god - patron of the hearth.He was met by a simple bowl of beans.The fact that the Chinese are trying to soften thus deity.Only after this ritual of the meeting can be put on the table all the dishes.
Menu compose very carefully.On the table must be those products that have a symbolic importance for the further prosperity of your family.Be sure to cook some fish dish, as it means prosperity.Tangerines symbolizes wealth, so be sure to stock up too, these traditional fruits.The symbol of the wealth is beans, stewed in syrup, so it is desirable that this product is present on your New Year's table.And remember that New Year's Eve there is nothing to cut, and it is desirable to hide the knives.The Chinese believe that, using a knife, you can cut all the luck.

New Year - a wonderful holiday, which will be nice to celebrate even twice.