determine the date of the holiday.In contrast to the European New Year Chinese festival is celebrated every year on different dates.Typically, the Chinese New Year comes at the end of winter, in January or February depending on the lunar calendar.The Chinese New Year is not considered a winter holiday.Even the name it is translated as "Spring Festival."New Year symbolizes the end of the cold weather and the beginning of a new cycle in nature.
Get together with your family.In China, the New Year - a family holiday, where all family members are coming from the most distant corners of the country and collected in the same ho
Uber in the house very carefully.Cleaning before the New Year - a kind of ritual.By getting rid of garbage, you will free the road of happiness and wealth, who are rushing to your home.At the door, hang the picture of a red fish - a symbol of prosperity.Decorate windows and doors with red lanterns made of silk or paper.According to Chinese beliefs, the red scare away evil spirits.
Cook dumplings "Dzyaodzy."Required eating on New Year's cobbled together his own ravioli is a tradition in China, especially in the north.Dumplings treat guests that come the next day and wish them the most healthy children and family well-being.
make a noise as loud as possible in the New Year's Eve.Previously, China believes that the noise of firecrackers and the roar of fireworks to protect from evil spirits.Now few people believe the spirits, but the tradition of loud screaming, making noise and having fun all night stayed.
Embark on a visit the day after the Chinese New Year.Cook in a gift basket of fruit and sweets.You can donate any twins, for example, two mugs and two bottles of wine.It symbolizes harmony and unity in the family.If guests come to you, just open the gifts, thanked the guests and gave a return gift.