Happy New Year of the Child so that it got maximum pleasure, simply.Very little from one year to three, like the bright colors and the correct geometric shape.Dress up the clown, wearing colorful wig and red nose.Throw the makeshift raincoat fabric with multi-colored squares, circles, rectangles.Show your child focus, hiding a gift for long cloak floors and pulling it after pronouncing mysterious spell.If the baby is talking, suggest utter sacred words together.Scarce would be delighted for a long time will remember the New Year.
congratulations for older children can dress up as Santa Claus or invite the actor to the house.With the kids experiment is not necessary - they are frightened stranger with a long bea
rd.But in the 5-10 years to see the fabulous magician, master of the winter will be a real treat.Learn in advance with the guys poems or songs that you want to read and sing to Santa Claus in exchange for a gift.Prepare well for the text animator, if it's not Dad or Grandpa.Please let the child's name, that he loves than interested.Toddler be surprised if Santa Claus will be aware of all his passions and to support a conversation on topics of interest.
overlook immediate supervisor is not necessarily congratulate and Happy New Year.If a few people in the department, playful act out scenes from the life of the office.Or compose a song to the tune of the well-known melodies.If your company has employees who are able to work in an image editor, make a collage of photos of employees and chief.It can portray Santa Claus, Secretary - Snow Maiden, the remaining inhabitants of office - elves, fairies and other fairy tale characters.Presented his surprise at the banquet dedicated to the beginning of the winter holidays or just the last working day.
ever invented congratulations place in beautiful card that she looked like a long holiday to the owners.Make it possible with their own hands.Taking a sheet of thick A4 paper, place it on the tinsel, beads.Draw herringbone twig.Glue bows and ribbons.Postcard get bulk and original, so just do not buy in the store.