The voting list has been included exactly one half of candidate cities, so according to the rules of the IOC could expect a lengthy process of four rounds.However, the advantage of the application of one of the candidates was so obvious that everything was decided in the second round.Out of 105 votes, the capital of China won 44 in the first round and 56 in the second.In the eight years prior to this event, Beijing has attempted to obtain the right to host the Olympics, but then in a bitter struggle gave way to Sydney, Australia.

Beijing - the capital of China and the second largest population (more than 17 million inhabitants), the cit
y of this country.Any exact date of its foundation is unknown, but the age of the settlements in the city belong to the first millennium BC.It is located in the plains, where frequent sandstorms, and air pollution by industrial enterprises does not improve the ecological situation in Beijing - it was one of the most serious problems during the 2008 Olympics.

The competition XXIX Summer Games used nearly four dozen sports facilities, twelve of which were built especially for the event.Among them, "the Beijing National Stadium", better known as the "Bird's Nest" and designed more than 90 thousand spectators.Near the stadium was built a unique swimming complex, nicknamed the "Water Cube" - it during the Olympics was established 25 world records.It was built for the Olympics and a new basketball arena for 18 thousand spectators, a number of which have arranged a temporary venue for the baseball tournament.At the XXIX Games the sport last time was included in the competition program.

Besides the capital Olympic competitions were held in six cities.For the matches of football stadiums used in the tournament in Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai and Shenyang.Sailing competitions were held in Qingdao and masters were riding in Hong Kong.