In 1948 took place just two types Olympics - summer and winter.Winter were held in Switzerland.This small country has suffered from the war, as in a state of neutrality with Germany.

In the games attended by all 28 countries - twice less than in the summer stage.In particular, among these there was not one African country.This is because the traditional winter sports disseminated more locally, in addition to training athletes need significant resources.Soviet athletes participating in the games are not accepted because of the unresolved foreign policy problems.Germany and Japan were not allowed to games - their team were disqualified because of the aggression of these countries during the Second World War.At the same time, Chile and South Korea for the first time prese
nted their team for the game.

sports at the Winter Games at the time was much less than today - only 9. The competitions were held in several types of cross-country skiing, bobsled, downhill skiing, skating and skeleton.Total has been played 22 gold, silver and bronze awards.

first place in the unofficial standings (10 medals) got the team in Norway and Sweden.These countries traditionally strong in winter sports, especially skiing and ski jumping.Slightly behind them to Switzerland.The US team became only the fourth and won 9 medals.Overall, awards were given to athletes 10 countries.

One of the most successful athletes of the event was Henri Oreille, French skier.He brought his country two gold and one bronze medal.But gold in ice hockey team won the team of Canada, which was expected, because hockey - is the national sport of the country.

women are attracted to more and more disciplines at the Olympics.In particular, the competition was organized for women in alpine skiing and figure skating.