Russian Olympic Committee appeared in March 1911 at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912, the Russian delegation has won two silver and two bronze medals.To identify young talent began to conduct All-Russian Olympiad.Next, Russian and Soviet athletes participated in the Olympics many times and have won a lot of medals.

As part of the Olympic Movement merged organizations, athletes and other persons who are guided by the Olympic Charter.Components of the Olympic Movement - is the International Olympic Committee, international sports federations and national Olympic committees.Also, to include organizing committees of the Olympic Games, the national associations, etc.

The goal of the Olympic movemen
t - help to improve the world by educating the youth and the promotion of sports.Recognition of the International Olympic Committee is the criterion for belonging to the Olympic Movement.Among the objectives - combining sports with education and culture.

According to the Olympic Charter, the philosophical foundation of modern Olympism is the harmony of body, will and mind.Appointment of the Olympic Movement as well - propaganda and explanation of the main ideas, values ​​and ideals of Olympism, including the brotherhood and friendship of the peoples, the harmonious development of personality as a guarantee of peace.It will also focus on a healthy lifestyle and understanding of the need for efforts to achieve the goals.

Some critics, noting the positive direction of the Olympic ideology, said that in practice, the organization of the competition focuses on athletes sacrifice their health for the sake of victory, victory at all costs, in the loop on the development of the body only.They believe that the ideals of Olympism thus undermined.