Surrounding the Olympic Games will be held in early 2014 in the Russian city of Sochi.On 7 February this year has already started receiving applications from all Russian citizens who wish to volunteer for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.It is estimated that their success will require about 25 000 volunteers.Of course, they are subject to very high standards, because each of these volunteer - a kind of person, "calling card" of the country.On how clear and fair to his work and h
ow polite and friendly to its behavior depends largely on what kind of impression that Russia will have foreign guests.Therefore, throughout the country created 26 volunteer centers, which will take place on the basis of selection and training of volunteers.

selection will be very strict.Mandatory requirements for candidates - fluency in a foreign language.Not necessarily that it was English, because in Sochi will come many guests from different countries.Volunteers - connoisseur there is any foreign language work.In addition, it must be erudite man, well aware of Russian history and the history of the region, where the Olympic and Paralympic Games, that is, the city of Sochi.After his visit will certainly be asking questions.Of course, the volunteer is also obliged to be sociable, friendly, patient, able to communicate with people.

Starting from February 7, any Russian citizen who wants to become a volunteer may request a site will continue until September 2012.Mandatory requirement: the applicant must be an adult, either before the Olympics, he must be at least 18 years, otherwise the application is rejected.