1976 Summer Olympics held in Canada, in Montreal.She opened her as head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, at the opening ceremony attended by the royal family.The competition was attended by a record number of athletes - 7121 athlete from 121 countries.Not without political demarches - the Olympics have left the 29 African countries protested against the recent match of the South African rugby team in New Zealand.

Very interesting was the ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame: Athens brought the torch was handed over to the Canadian athlete who lit the fire in the bowl of the stadium.After that, a special electronic device is turned into electricity flame particles, then in radio.Th
e signal was received in Montreal, where he was once again transformed into a fire.

As the costs of the Games of the Olympiad in Montreal was the most expensive in history, it spent $ 5 billion.In terms of the present course is about 20 billion.For debts of Olympic city was paying until 2006.Mindful of the Munich Massacre of 1972, cost the lives of eleven members of the Israeli team and one German policeman were taken very serious steps in the field of security.To ensure it attracted more than 20 thousand people.

Olympics in 1976 became a triumph for the Soviet Union team that won 49 gold, 41 silver and 35 bronze medals.Second place also went to the country of the socialist camp, the athletes from East Germany won 40 gold, 25 silver and 25 bronze medals.In third place came the Olympians from the United States with 34 gold, 35 silver and 25 bronze medals.Total medals were won by representatives of twenty countries.Unexpectedly weak performance turned out to be Team Canada, the home games have not won any gold medal.

results of this Olympiad are valued differently.On the one hand, athletes have once again demonstrated the skill and fortitude, set many new world records.On the other, they felt very uncomfortable under the strict protection of security personnel.Viewers very annoying hype with which the organizers have tried to cover the huge costs.Despite all these adversities, the Summer Olympics in Montreal and ended forever in the history of the Olympic movement.