voting at the place of the XVIII Summer Olympic Games held in Munich on 55 session of the International Olympic Committee.It happened in 1959, but Tokyo contenders were two European capitals - Vienna Austrian and Belgian Brussels, as well as nominated by the American Detroit.The advantage of Tokyo were absolutely - in the first round for it was given 34 votes, and all the other candidates scored a total of only 24. Therefore, subsequent rounds of voting was not required and the capital of Japan for the second time had the opportunity to host the Olympics.Previous attempts to hold the Olympics in Japan belonged to the XII summer games of 1940, which were first moved to Finland due to the Japanese
attack on China, and then canceled altogether because of the outbreak of the Second World War.

Tokyo - big city on the largest of the Japanese islands (Honshu).The capital of Japan in the XVIII century was one of the largest cities in the world.Although settlement in what is now Tokyo, belong to the Stone Age, its official history begins with the construction in the XII century fort at the entrance to the bay on the Pacific coast.Then the settlement was called Edo, and the city became the capital in 1869, when, and got its present name.

By the time of preparation for the Olympics, the country began an economic recovery, and the holding of a major international forum has been a catalyst in many areas of the capital.By the beginning of the games it has been significantly improved urban infrastructure and communications - launched speed tram, modernized airport, finished laying communications cable in the United States.For the first time the opportunity to conduct a television broadcast of the Olympic Games via satellite.The city built six new sports facilities, and modernized the existing ten - all at the XVIII Summer Games they were involved in 33.

Emperor Hirohito officially opened the Olympic Games October 10, 1964, and the closing ceremony on 24 October.For two weeks more than 5,100 athletes from 93 countries played 163 sets of medals.The largest number (96) were able to win from the Soviet Olympic team, and the athletes behind the US only 6 medals, but by the same opponents ahead of the USSR in the number of gold medals.