to host the Summer Sports Forum in 1916, Berlin was the 14th session of the International Olympic Committee, which was held in 1912 in the Swedish capital - Stockholm.Besides it, the VI Summer Olympics claimed the Greek Alexandria, US Cleveland, Austro-Hungarian Budapest and two European capitals - Amsterdam Dutch and Belgian Brussels.

That same year, Berlin began preparations for future Olympics, and next summer the grand opening of the main stadium of the Summer Games - 18000th Deutsches Stadion.However, after a year in Sarajevo, the Bosnian ter
rorist Gavrilo Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and this marked the beginning of the process that led to the collapse not only of the Berlin Olympic Games, but also the four empires.During the years 1914 and 1915, 33 countries from different continents were involved in the war as allies or enemies of Germany.

However, in 1914, no one expected that the fighting in civilized Europe of the XX century will last for years.Even after the declaration of war three countries German Empire continued preparations for the Olympics, before the start of which was two more years.But the conflict was becoming fiercer, and in March 1915 German Imperial Olympic Committee sent a memorandum to the IOC, which reported on the continuation of preparations for the VI Summer Olympics.The same document stated that to compete Germany only allow athletes from allied and neutral countries.The answer came very quickly and was voiced by the head of the French Olympic Committee, who said that the Olympic Games until 1920. The IOC will not be carried out.

The story Summer Olympic Games in 1916 has been completed, but the VI IOC leave room for the failed Games in Berlin, the next Olympic Games in Antwerp was given the seventh number.