participation of Russian athletes at the Olympics has brought a lot of surprises both themselves and their fans.Most of the wins and losses were unexpected for both sides.And, despite the fourth place in the final table games, the Russians were good, bringing with him 24 gold medals, 26 silver and 32 bronze.

surprise victory was the first gold medal of the country, which brought in a piggy bank judo team.The first gold won Arsen Galstyan from Krasnodar, who won the final of the Japanese Hiroaki Hiraoka just 40 seconds.The second gold medal was won by Mansur Isaev, and the third - Tagir Khaibulaev.

to remember for all and win the men's volleyball team, which won gold in the strug
gle against the Brazilian team.What's especially nice, since the last victory in this competition won team of the USSR in 1980.

Less surprising, but no less enjoyable steel gold medals our athletes in synchronized swimming, individual all-around (Eugenia Kanaeva) and race walking for 20 km - Elena Lashmanova finished in this contest with a record result - 1: 25.02.But the gold medalist in the hammer throw Tatyana Lysenko surprised supplied with the first delivery record.Its achievement is 78.18 meters.

And especially pleasing was the bronze medal, which won the Russian basketball.Outsmart the match for third place Argentina national team, they are the first time in the history of the Olympic Games on the podium.

unfortunate our athletes were in shooting and fencing, where previously almost always won prizes.I do not live up to expectations and women's volleyball team, which was the limit of the quarter-finals and the game against Brazil.

similar situation happened with the women's team gantbolu, won gold at the Beijing Olympics.She also reached the quarterfinals only.Not pleased with the play of freestyle wrestlers.And, of course, the main disappointment was the bronze medal of the Queen Air Yelena Isinbayeva.