At the XIX Olympic Games were the first lot.The first Games were held in Latin America.It was first selected mountainous region.Long before the start of the competition went to Mexico "sports scouts" from various countries, above all the coaches and doctors who wanted to see how unusual conditions affect the health of athletes and competition results.Mexico City is located at an altitude of 2240m above sea level, and this could not affect the balance of power.

Despite heated debate, in Mexico City came a record number of Olympians.The competition was attended by 5531 athlete.His delegation sent to 112 countries.Some countries formed the first Olympic team.Among the newcomers were not only Afr
ican and Asian countries, but also to neighboring Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador and Paraguay.The development of telecommunications by 1968 have reached a serious level, and were able to watch the match at the same time the inhabitants of all the continents.This, too, was a kind of record.

Olympics opened October 12, 1968.The opening day was not chosen by chance.On this day in 1492, the Latin American continent, Christopher Columbus arrived.Olympic flame lit woman - Enriketta Basilio Sotelo.This, too, was a novelty.A few days before the ceremony in Mexico City was a demonstration of student organizations wishing to influence the policy of the authorities.However, political events did not affect the results.

At the XIX Olympic Games has been found a huge amount of the highest achievements.It was reported 78 Olympic records, and 28 of them were higher than the world.The most pleasant surprises gave their fans athletes.They found 30 Olympic records, 14 of which were better than the world's highest achievements.The result in the women's 400m hurdles improved once a second.Six pole vaulter to overcome the height of 17m.Excellent results have also shown swimmers and weightlifters.First established 23 Olympic records, the second - 18. The excellent results achieved arrows and cyclists.

total in Mexico has been played 110 sets of medals in 22 sports.In the unofficial team standings won by the US team that won 107 medals, 45 of which - the highest standard.The Soviet team also performed well in her piggy bank turned 91 award, including 29 gold.Third place with 25 Japanese athletes won awards.