first competition XXIX Summer Olympic Games began on 6 August 2008 and the official opening ceremony took place two days later at the stadium "Bird's Nest".Including spectators and athletes, and was attended by more than a hundred thousand people, which increased fifteen thousand participants in colorful pageant.In this action present and eight dozen heads of state and governments.

Beijing Olympics sports program included 302 subjects in 28 sports.Chinese athletes 51 times rose to the highest step of the podium - is much more likely than any other country.The second on this indicator turned out to Americans - in their asset 26 gold medals.However, US Olympians have won an increasin
g number of silver and bronze awards and the total number of medals bypassed Republic of China - 110 against 100. Third as the total number of medals (76), and the number of gold medals (23) were the Russians.

undisputed hero of the XXIX Summer Olympic Games was American swimmer Michael Phelps.In addition, he has established a unique achievement, winning eight gold medals, Phelps could beat seven times world records, making it even in the preliminary heats.Just two disciplines set new world records Jamaican runner Usain Bolt and Chinese woman Liu and Jiao Liuyang Tszyge twice surpassed the previous world record in the final swim.A total of the XXIX Olympiad world records were set 43 times, and most of it was in Beijing National Aquatics Center.It has been updated and 132 Olympic achievements.

Games closing ceremony with the motto "One World - One Dream" on 24 August 2008.The Olympic flag was awarded to the mayor of London, which will host the XXX Summer Olympic Games.