his first international award Melissa won two years ago at the World Swimming Championships on short 25-meter track.The swim in the 200-meter backstroke, she showed the second result.There Franklin and received a silver award for participating in the relay 4x100 meters.The following year, Melissa has participated in the World Cup on the long 50-meter track and has achieved very significant results, won the bronze, silver and three gold medals.After these competitions 16-year-old American was named the best swimmer of the world in 2011 according to the official magazine of the International Swimming Federation FINA Aquatics World Magazine.

Only after all those big victories Melissa
has achieved the top two national championship titles in the United States - in the summer of 2011, she became the champion in swimming in the 100 meters freestyle and back.And in the end, the mission distinguished twice.In October, the World Cup in swimming, she set a new world record in the 200-meter swim on his back.It is noteworthy that it was the first world record since the ban in 2010. The high-tech swimming suits.And in December, the second record in which Franklin to participate in the relay team swimmers to race 4x100 meters.

at the London Olympics Melissa Franklin should start in the competition seven swimming disciplines - four individual and three relay.The day after the opening ceremony, she won bronze at the competition with the United States relay team in swimming at one hundred meters freestyle.In this phase of its mission is complete with a personal best time, and the US team set a national record.His first individual competition in London, Franklin has completed another successful - she won the final heat in the 200-meter backstroke.