Ideas to hold the Olympic Games in Moscow, there were some representatives of the Soviet government in 60 years.However, the first time the Soviet claim was rejected.Repeated Moscow's offer to host the Olympic Games ended in victory for the Soviet Union.

decision on the holding of the Olympics in the Soviet Union was not originally part of the suit the politicians in the United States.After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, relations between the two superpowers have become more acute.As a result of the US political leadership has decided to boycott the games in the Soviet Union.His example was followed by another 64 countries, mostly members of NATO.However, some European countries, such as Britain and France offi
cially boycotted the games, but allowed their athletes to compete under the Olympic flag.

Games in Moscow were organized at a very high level.Particular attention was paid to safety.Part of the population, which the police refers to the unreliable elements in general was at the time sent from the capital.

opening and closing games remember the audience its solemnity.They were not the only actors.It attracted a lot of people outside to create tableaux.

symbol of the Olympic Games became an Olympic bear, images of which can be seen on clothing and souvenirs.

first place in the medal standings, as expected, took the Soviet Union.Most gold medals received Soviet gymnasts and athletes.This was due not only to the fact that the team got some of the best athletes in the world, but also the fact that the main competitor in these sports - United States - boycotted the games.Also showed some great Soviet weightlifters and wrestlers.

second place with a considerable lag ranked team of the GDR.Especially good swimmers made the team of the country in the 80 years became the best in the world.