Inauguration fifth Olympic Games held July 6, 1912 at Royal Stadium.The opening ceremony was attended by King Gustav V of Sweden and Pierre de Coubertin.Stadiums that can accommodate 32,000 spectators were packed to capacity.

The competition was attended by 2407 athletes from 28 countries.The competitions were held in 14 sports, which is somewhat smaller than the number of disciplines previous Olympics, but the total number of events has increased.The Olympic program first appeared pentathlon for the first time were held swimming competitions among women.It is at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in the competition program included classical discipline became - Relay 4 100 and 4 400 meters and running by 5000 and 10,000 meters.

Competitions were held in a very hard fight, but in many sports at a glance favorites.So, in the
women's 800 meters was not equal to the Americans - James Meredith, Melvin Shepherd and Ayre Davenport.

In run 5 kilometers dramatic struggle broke out between the Finn Hannes Kolehmaynenom and Frenchman Jean Bouin.Victory predicted the French runner, set in pre-race world record.I do not doubt the victory and the athlete, who believed that he had no worthy opponents.However, immediately after the start of the race it was clear that he was not going to give young Finnish athlete Hannes Kolehmainen.The distance they ran hand in hand - if one managed to get ahead, the other immediately caught up with him, and so seventeen times.For the second to finish the Frenchman managed to beat the opponent, but in the last meters of the Finn overtook him and still managed to cross the finish line first.Record set the day before the Frenchman was soon improved by 30 seconds, which was a truly phenomenal achievement.At the same Olympics Hannes Kolehmainen won two gold medals in the women's 10,000 meters and cross country 8,000 meters.

The shot put the Americans in the lead, gold and silver won by Patrick McDonald and Ralph Rose.Americans have excelled in the women's 110 meters hurdles gold won by Fred Kelly.

Very interesting were wrestling.The duration of labor was limited to one hour, in the case of a tie the winner was determined by points.But in the semifinals and the final time was not limited, as a result of a fight with the Russians M. Klein Finn A. Asikaynenom lasted 10 hours.The victory went to the Finn.Since he won it in the semifinals, he immediately without rest had to participate in the final battle, which he lost to Swedish athlete.All protests Finns and Russians supported them were rejected.

Such unfair decisions in this competition was a lot.So, during the competition on shooting the rain.For Swedish shooters organizers immediately built a shed, with athletes from other countries were not allowed under him.As a result, the Swedes won seven gold medals, six silver and four bronze.They won in the general team classification, received 24 gold, 24 silver and 17 bronze medals.

awards ceremony took place at Royal Stadium.After the presentation of medals was a banquet, which was attended by all competitors.Speaking Pierre de Coubertin stated the need for more organized way to spend the next Olympics and celebrate their joy and harmony.