Prior to 1988, participated in cycling exclusively male.At the Olympics in Seoul in this sport to compete and become a woman.

competition for men held in the following disciplines: sprint, individual pursuit, points race, the Olympic sprint, Madison, keirin and team pursuit.Women are involved only in competitions on the first three types of cycling.

Sprint is characterized in that the result affects the time in which an athlete rides the last 200 meters. Olympic sprint is held with the participation of teams of three people.The track, which should overcome the participants of the race, is 750 m. A point of this discipline is a very interesting spectacle for the observer.To take a more advantageous position, athletes can use a bag of tricks, which is call
ed "track stand".At the same time the driver passes the opponent, stopping and balancing on his bicycle.

Pursuit carried out at a distance of 4 km for men and 3 km for women.Its purpose is to overcome distance in the minimum time.In addition, the athlete needs to overtake an opponent.According to the Olympic system is a competition held Shootout.

points race much longer: men must travel a distance of 40 km, and women - 25 km.Riders get points for first place in the intermediate circles.After every 10 laps credit points are awarded 4 riders crossing the finish line first.In the first place it is given 5 points for second and third - 3 and 2, respectively.For the fourth athlete receives only 1 point.

Madison is characterized by the command.Two riders have to overcome a distance of 60 km.Also, they face the challenge to score as many points in the intermediate sprints.This event got its name in the first place, which was conducted - Madison Square Garden.Points are awarded for every 20 laps on the same principle as in the points race.

When keyrine cyclists passing 5 and a half laps of the first 250 meters of the motorcycle, and then compete in the sprint.Simultaneously, the track may range from 6 to 9 members.The first match on the keirin was only in 2000 in Sydney.