Four cities have fought for the right to host the Summer Olympic Games in 1908 - Milan, Berlin, Rome and London.The first of its claims the Germans abandoned since the national Olympic Committee failed to agree on the event with the government.The IOC decided in favor of Italy, but the representatives of Rome and Milan have been unable to agree on which city is more worthy of the Olympics.So London, which initially was not planned to hold games, became the only option.

Summer Olympics in 1908 attracted 2,008 athletes from 22 countries, among which first entered the Russian Empire.This exceeds the number of participants of all previous modern Olympics combined.For example, at the Olympics in 1896, she attended only 241 people.Since Italy has refused to host the Ol
ympics just a year before the events in London had to hastily build a huge stadium White City, which could accommodate 100,000 spectators.

were prepared venue for competitions in the following sports: figure skating, bench and shooting, polo, tennis on the open and closed court, sailing, rekets, as de pom, motorboat sports, boxing, rowing, wrestling, field hockey, gymnastics, archery, football, fencing, rugby, cycling, lacrosse, diving, swimming, athletics, water polo and tug of war.Women participated in three types of competitions - in figure skating, tennis and archery.

competition began on 27 April, and the opening ceremony was held only 13 of July.Because of this unfortunate lining at the opening of the Games have been played 25 sets of medals.The first place on the IV Olympiad won by a wide margin its owners - the British.They have won 56 gold, 51 silver and 38 bronze medals.Athletes from the United States received 23 gold and 12 silver and bronze medals.The third was the Swedes with 8 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals.