Games in 1906 were held in honor of the first decade of the Olympic Games, also held in Athens.To further emphasize the connection between the two events, the Olympics organizers have chosen the same scheme of the competition, and that in 1896.Most of the competitions held in the Marble Stadium.

Initially, when Greece received a proposal to hold the Olympics was in 1906, the IOC gave a categorical refusal.The fact is that by the time the prestige of the Olympic Games fell down, and the public did not show them former interest.To prevent the final collapse of the Olympic Movement, it was necessary to take action, and to wait until 1908 there was no possibility.And although later the IOC refuses to recognize the 1906 Olympics, it was h
er salvation will call games, allowing to return the public interest, and especially athletes to the event to support the movement and its very idea.

problem was also that, according to tradition, the Olympic Games should be held in different countries, but in 1906 the event is scheduled to take place in Greece, which angered members of the IOC.One way or another, but April 22 was held the grand opening of the games.Because a lot of media attention paid to the Olympics in 1906, a lot of athletes and visitors arrived in Athens.

The event was attended by around 900 athletes from 20 countries, among them, moreover, there were seven women.As part of the 1906 Olympic competitions were held in the following sports: weightlifting, Greco-Roman wrestling, fencing, rowing, sailing, swimming, diving, track and field, trap and shooting, cycling and tennis.Unfortunately, as the IOC does not recognize the Olympic Games of 1906, all of its members received awards were invalid and were not considered further.

closing ceremony of the Olympic Games took place on 2 May.After the end of the event, the results have been discussed for a long time in different countries, which greatly increased the public interest in the games.This was particularly evident during the Olympic Games 1908 in London, which was attended by more than 2,000 athletes.