road cycling history started in 1868.The first major cycling race was held in 1869 at a distance of Paris - Rouen.Then the athletes overcome 120 km.The average speed of its winner, Moore from England has reached 11 km / h.Then in 1892 was organized by big tour Liege - Bastogne - Liege.This sport is especially popular in Europe.

competition by road cycling races are divided into group and individual.When the group race the athlete who crossed the finish line first is the winner.At the start, participants are allocated according to the rating UCI (International Cycling Union).Men overcome a distance of 239 km, while the women compete on the track at 120 km.Team members have the right to assist in the repair of its partners.

Racers must correctly divide the roles in the group.Smart tactics helps the athlete to roll-leader and detachments to eliminat
e rivals.

few years in the program of the Olympic Summer Games have included the command's road race at the distance of 100 km.At the same time the team was on the 4 riders, and the start was made with an interval of 3 minutes.It was believed that the team came to the finish line if the distance to overcome at least three members of the group, and the time recorded by crossing the finish line third member of the team.

If the group race all competitors start at the same time, the individual competition they start with an interval of fifteen minutes.The length of the route for the race is much less.For men it is 46.8 km, and for women - 31.2 km.For individual bicycle race agonists can not help his comrades.In addition, you can not use as an advantage aerodynamic shadow vperediiduschego cyclist.

for racing bicycles are made from mild steel, aluminum, and titanium, and carbon fiber.All are equipped with pneumatic tires, narrow seats, brakes and switches speed.The length of the bicycle can be a maximum of 2 m, and its width - no more than 50 cm. Weight of the equipment usually ranges from 8 kg to 10 kg.

The mandatory equipment includes participants of road cycling helmet that can protect them from head injuries.To avoid accidents, introduced a rule that drivers must comply with the distance between each other of at least 2 m.