London was chosen as the capital of games, despite the difficult economic situation in the UK during this period.There still remained the rationing system introduced in wartime because of lack of food.It was the second Olympic Games in London, the first was held in 1908 and was not different scale.

All in all competitions attended by athletes from 59 countries.Germany and Japan were barred from the game, as the aggressor countries during the Second World War.The Soviet Union saw the opportunity to send his team to the competition, but it could not do so because of political differences.Also, a number of countries for the first time sent their athletes to the games.Among them were Burma, Venezuela, Lebanon and other countries.

in the unofficial team standings the first place was the team of the U
nited States.The greatest success achieved American runners and swimmers, both women and men.Second and third places with strong separation from the leader took Sweden and France.Great Britain was the only 12th place in the overall medal standings of the countries.The team won only three gold awards: two in rowing and one in sailing.

Team Finland has become the undisputed leader in the gym.She won 6 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.Competitions men on horseback were recognized as unique.Gold medals were awarded to the three Finnish athletes, although initially intended to present one set of awards.

In boxing immediately won 2 gold Argentine athletes.The same number of awards could boast teams of South Africa and Hungary.Americans, leading in many other sports, managed to get only one silver medal.

interesting was the fact that the English football team was not able to enter the number of medalists.The gold went to Sweden, silver - Yugoslavia, and bronze - Denmark.