Stadium Capacity - 105 thousand. People, which in those days was a record high.First made the Olympic choir consisting of 150 singers and 300 musicians and a few fanfaristov.After the Olympic oath read fencer George Kelnen, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games and the IX-time lieutenant MF USA.

cost of the trip to Los Angeles was for many European athletes the main obstacle to participation in the Games, so the fight for the medals, a total of 1048 people gathered.IA first Olympics were the representatives of China and Colombia.

the first time in the history of the Games athletes housed in the Olympic village, 20 km from the city.On a golf course around the oval dining, library and game halls were placed about 700 houses.National
anthem in honor of the winners of the competition and to raise the flags of the countries have also put in practice in Los Angeles.

competition venues were quite scattered along the coast.For example, propeller pool is an hour away by express train from the city (Long Beach), and cyclists competed in Pasadena at the stadium "Rouzbol."His, by the way, demolished after the Games.

competition program in Los Angeles, was similar to the Olympic Games program in Amsterdam.But instead of football held shooting competition.Championship football is not carried out for purely financial reasons, as the delegation of the European countries are basically few.

Yet the results shown by the athletes at the Olympic Games, were high.It was established 90 Olympic records, including 18 world.

In running the hundred meters won the athlete from the United States Eddie Toulen on his chest?ahead of main rival Ralph Metcalf, also American.200m winner also became Toulen.However, this time Metcalf was the victim of gross measurement errors - its track had a length of 202 m.

It should be noted that the errors of judges at these Games were very frequent.Therefore, one of the journalists called them "the Olympics of judicial errors and miscalculations."For example, in Los Angeles, there was a unique case.In the final run in the 3000 m steeplechase people are counting laps, was away from his seat.As a result, the athletes ran 3450 meters.

most awards, of course, earned the US team - 41 gold, 32 silver and 30 bronze medals.Italy has been on the 12 awards each denomination, and France - 10 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals.