III Olympics in St. Louis, along with Paris, is part of the World Expo.However, the local directorate of Trade did not consider it as a competitor, but on the contrary, sought in every way to use the game for their own promotional purposes.In addition, the organizers have repeated some mistakes Summer Olympics in Paris in 1900.Because of attachment to the World's Fair competition was relegated to second place, and the Olympics itself dragged on for almost 5 months (1 July - 23 November 1904).Many competitions were held under the leadership of various professional organizations, but in spite of this, all of them has been given the title of Olympic disciplines.

According to the IOC at the Summer Games in St. Louis participated 12 countries.The only state to have visited the competition for the first time, South Africa was.Compared to the Paris Olympics, the number of participating countries has declined sharply.13 States participating in the Summer Games Paris, could not come to St. Louis for economic reasons.Russia, which fought at this time with Japan, the competition did not participate.

total at the III Summer Olympics were 651 people, including 6 women.They competed for 94 sets of medals in 18 sports.The largest was the team of the United States, they presented 533 people at the games.In many sports (boxing, wrestling, water polo, archery and tennis) were exclusively American athletes, so the game vividly demonstrated the superiority of the country.

in St. Louis for the first time began to award three instead of two athletes who showed the best result.The main winners of the competition is awarded a gold medal;athlete, runner-up - silver;and the third place bronze medal was noted.This tradition has been preserved until the present time.

in the unofficial team standings participating countries are located as follows: I place - the United States (78 gold, 82 silver, 78 bronze medals), II place - Germany (4 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals), III place - Cuba (4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals).