Tip 1: Summer Olympics 2012 in London

The next Summer Olympic Games, the thirtieth of its kind, will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012.London has hosted the Olympics twice - in 1908 and 1948, and will become the first city to take her three times.He was awarded this honor in a hard fight with four contenders: Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow.Fate decided to vote only in the fourth round, London beat Paris with a difference of 4 votes.

emblem of the Olympics is a complex composition in the form of irregular polygons four, between which there is a much smaller rectangle.As conceived by the creators of these polygons are reminded of the date of the Olympics - 2012. In one word polygon located London, on the other - the five Olympic rings.It must be admitted that the emblem of the Olympic Games has caused quite contradictory responses, up to accusations that it resembles a swastika.

Mascots Olympic Games were two stylized figures - a drop of steel names Wenlock and Mandeville.Both mascot have one eye.As is the case with
the logo, they caused a variety of reactions, and not all of them were positive.

Competitions will be held in this way.Within the so-called "Greater London" is the majority of sports facilities, divided into three zones (Olympic, the river and the center).In the area of ​​the Olympic Stadium, which after the opening of the games will be held competitions in athletics, there are aquatic center, velodrome and BMX track, field hockey, basketball and handball arenas.The river area is located Exhibition Center, which will host competitions in such sports as boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, table tennis and weightlifting.Nearby, on Greenwich Arena, the match will be held in basketball, gymnastics, badminton.In Greenwich Park - Equestrian and modern pentathlon, and in artillery barracks - shooting.In the central area, including the famous Wembley Stadium, will be competing players, tennis players, archers, etc.

Out "Greater London" will be competitions in sailing, rowing, kayaking and canoeing, bike mount, and a part of the football tournament.In a matter of weeks, sports fans will see this beautiful sight - the Olympics.

Tip 2: How to by Russia at the Olympic Games in London

August 12 closing ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London.All competitions are held, received medals, and now we can talk about how they made the Russian team.

According to the medal standings, Russia is in fourth place, losing only the teams from the US, UK and China.The country looks quite decent.This time the award has been won by more than the Beijing Olympics.Russian athletes won medals in 20 sports, 24 of them - gold.The most successful were the disciplines such as volleyball, walking, gymnastics, boxing, team all-around, synchronized swimming, hammer throwing, wrestling, running 3,000 meters steeplechase, judo, rowing and canoeing, running the 800 meters, jumpingheight.In addition, Russian athletes have earned 26 silver and 32 bronze medals.As the total number of medals a country ranked third.

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko Russia recognizes that the national team has shown itself well in the competition.Before athletes were challenged to surpass the result of the Beijing Olympics, and they did.Moreover, the Olympics in London was the most successful for the Russians in recent years.

at the London Olympics without its scandals involving unfair judging in relation to Russia.Also, domestic athletes were seen in doping, except cyclist Victoria Baranova, who managed to disqualify before the Olympics.

A Royal Statistical Society in conjunction with the extras from Imperial College London have created a table of the results of the Olympics, given the number of medals won, the country's population, the size of the team, as well as the GDP attributable to one person.After analyzing all the factors, the scientists created their own rating, putting it in Russia in the first place.The results of statistical calculations were published in the British newspaper The Guardian.