Olympic Games 1920 in Antwerp held a total of from 23 April to 12 September.For top honors in 158 disciplines of 25 sports athletes competed in 2675 (including 78 women) from 29 countries.The youngest participant was Nils Skoglund of Sweden (14 years and 8 days), the oldest - Oscar Swan, again from Sweden (72 years and 281 days).Most of all earned medals the US team - 94 pieces.Most medals were Americans Lloyd Spooner and Willis Lee - 7 pieces.

Athletics held from 15 to 23 August.For medals in 29 disciplines fought 509 men.The youngest athlete was the Spaniard Diego Ordonez (16 years and 283 days), the oldest - came from the United States Matt McGrath (42 and 243 days).Most awards have earne
d the Finn Paavo Nurmi and Swede Erik Backman - 4 medals.

Men have been added for the first time in the 3000 meters race with obstacles.

athletes from Germany and allied with her country in World War I (Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria-Hungary) were not invited.For political reasons, did not arrive at the Olympics, and athletes from Soviet Russia.

In Antwerp, the first time the Olympic flag was raised and delivered Olympic Oath - these traditions are observed today.

Hero Games was the Finn Paavo Nurmi, who won the cross in the individual and team championships and running 10,000 meters, and also earned the "silver" in the women's 5,000 meters. The Englishman Albert Hill earned two top awards - in the women's 800 and 1,500 meters.

Antwerp finished his career by winning his fourth Olympic gold medal of his career (marathon), one of the heroes of the Olympic Games 1912 in Stockholm - Hannes Kolehmainen stayer.In addition to the four gold medals he had one "silver".

total medal standings (number of top awards) led the US team with 9 gold, 12 silver and 8 bronze medals.In Finland it was also 9 gold medals, but silver and bronze, respectively, were 4 and 3. Third place - United Kingdom - 4 awards each denomination.