severity of damage in electrical accident depends on a number of factors.These factors include the current - the bigger it is, the greater the damage.Also of great importance are the duration of exposure and the degree of resistance of the organism (a skin condition at the time of the injury and the characteristics of its structure).Thus, a person with a dense, thick, dry skin damage will be less than that of the holder of a thin, wet skin.Also, the current path is set, if the discharge is coming from the head to the feet, the injury will be stronger than if it came from the foot to the leg.
Mild effects of the victim will complain of pain in the body contact and the power supply, there is a burn on the skin as a spot of gray above the surface of the skin (sign of the current).There will also be complaints o
f dizziness, a headache, but the general condition remains satisfactory.
When injuries in the severity of the skin seen severe burns, the patient lethargic, possible loss of consciousness may be verbal stimulation and heart rhythm disturbances.With strong electrical accident loses consciousness, can stop breathing, impaired cardiac activity as a result of ventricular fibrillation.Breathing can recover on their own after the cessation of exposure to the current, but often it stops again due to the fact that oxygen is delivered to the lungs.In severe trauma often possible death.
when administering first aid must first remove the injured child's contact with the current source.To do this, you can drop a wire with a wooden stick, cut through his ax with a wooden ax handle, turn off the main switch or pull the victim.When ottaskivanii child should avoid contact with the exposed parts of the body need to be taken for clothing or wrap their hands woolen cloth, can be put on rubber gloves (if possible).Also, to avoid self-destruction, it is necessary to embark on any subject, providing insulation (boards, rubber).
If a child is on the ground next to a bare wires, we can not approach it running, long strides.This is due to the fact that you can get by the step voltage (the voltage that occurs between the two feet at a distance of between 60-80 cm).Therefore, to approach the area of ​​high voltage and depart needed shuffling, short steps.
After you have carried the baby in a safe place you need to call an ambulance, put the baby to calm him, to give an anesthetic drug, and drinking plenty of fluids.If there are wounds from burns, you need to treat them with an antiseptic solution and apply a dry bandage.If the child is unconscious, but the heart is stored, you need to bring to the nose cotton wool with ammonia.If there is no heartbeat, you must start doing chest compressions and artificial respiration.To conduct these manipulations should be careful not to harm the child.
Keep in mind that even if the injury is minor, the child feels good, still need hospitalization and examination.This is due to the fact that in 2-3 days the child's condition may deteriorate because of the delayed changes in the body.