Set yourself WebMoney purse to your computer.Go to the site the left you will see a big green button "Register".Click on it and type in your cell phone.Then fill in all personal and contact details.
Download the program WebmoneyKeeper.Complete all registration points of the purse.Securely store passwords and ID number.You will be at the hands of a special account in rubles (dollars and euros - on request).Enrich it with the cash.
find any payment terminal in your area.Enter your account number and fill about 200-300 rubles to begin to test the entire system operation.Next Select WebMoney Check.It will just be necessary to pay for any goods and services over the internet.
Come to the window of the terminal receiving payments.Choose the section "Inter
net / prepay" and then locate the window WebMoney.Then enter your mobile phone number.Insert a couple of hundred rubles in terminal.
Go forth to the site an online store to buy a desired product.Since you have to update your account, then you can perform this operation via the Internet using the purse WebMoneyKeeper.Find a way to WebMoney and go to the section WebMoney.Check.Write the number of your cell phone and enter your password.After a couple of seconds to come short SMS message with a confirmation code.Enter it, too, in a special window.
also Pay service in the network with this function.Again at any payment terminal window find WebMoney.Enter special form R-purse, 07 for Russia and the mobile phone number.If only it asks the system.Enter the desired amount, given the commission the terminal.It may be different depending on the terminal!You will be printed and will check a text message to the phone to commit a transaction.
click on "Terminal" on page Seller.KlikniteWebMoney.Check in the form of payment.Enter your mobile phone number, and in a moment will come a message with a confirmation code.Enter it in the special field.All!The operation was successful!Check the balance in a purse WebMoney.
paid directly from your wallet.Replenish WebMoney by credit card or bank transfer.The Commission will be little more than a terminal.But these two methods are also suitable.Open WebMoneyKeeper on the desktop after refill.Enter the WebMoney purse to which you want to prepay the seller of a product or service.Enter the desired amount and click "Submit".