first decide on the wording of the theme of work.It must be given to you a clear idea of ​​what you write and not go to the main idea.Arrange a consultation with the head of your work.Be prepared questions.Learn the requirements for the design work.
Write a rough plan of the course, which issues the order in which you study.In accordance with the structure of the planned start of work to study the selected subject.Usually it is a detailed study of the topic, abstract summary of the main theses of theories, structuring, as well as specific conclusions.But sometimes in exchange rate may be a little research.
in search of the necessary material, use library services, if required, archives and museums.There you'll find valuable monograph.Also in matters of pedagogy will help you
to various periodicals.For convenience, make a card index of sources used to during the operation to insert a reference to the authors.And then it helps you to draw references.Usually, the term paper must be used at least 25 sources.
If the work does not involve the practical part, then it can be conditionally divided into an introduction, main part and conclusion.In the introduction, write about the relevance of the study of the issue, why did you choose this topic.Also indicate the main purpose of writing a term and the challenges that you will decide to achieve it.In this part very briefly write about what some of the great works of didactics you have visited any of the teachers conducted their research activity is on this issue.Then specify the methods that you used when working on the course.The introduction should not take more than 1-2 pages.
Depending on the topic of your course work, you can build the main part as follows.Please write about the history of studying the selected issue didactics, teachers, why it has become urgent.You may have to raise the social, political situation.But write about it briefly, without departing from the subject.Specify views on this issue, which unite scientists.Then open the basic theory of didactics, on which they are based, as a confirmation.Then compare the views of scientists to study the problem and express your opinion, whose principles you closer whose methods are used in the modern educational process, etc.Purpose of course work - not a dry presentation of the material, and your conclusions based on it.You have to show your ability to compare, compare, select, analyze and draw conclusions.Therefore, the author must have thought throughout the work.
Finally draw a general conclusion about the importance of studying the issue, the possible ways of its further development.Write down who may benefit from your course work.
Then complete your list of references, title page, adjust the plan.Also, do not forget to check the exchange rate work for errors.