Take the pipe, mark with chalk the place that you want to straighten.Prepare straightening metal plate, put it rectifies the pipe so that the bend is at the top.Heavy mallet or small hammer strikes the convex part of the pipe is not lined.Beat is not at the pipe and through the wooden prorate.This method is difficult to carry out alone, you will need an assistant to hold the pipe from turning.Do not hit out - this can lead to deformation of the pipe diameter.
Put on the stove pipe deflection press up.Hold the tube in this position, press it down punch press.In this case, the bend in the pipe can be heated with a blowtorch, can be using a gas burner.Slide the pipe under the pressure of a few centimeters, and repeat the previous operation.Repeat this process until you straighten the pipe.It is recommende
d, before rectifying tube in this way to pour sand into the pipe until it is completely filled.Moreover, its close the plugs on both ends (first with one end plugged, roll in the sand, and then plug the second).This helps to avoid undue strain straightened pipe diameter.
Take a tube with an internal diameter of a few millimeters larger than the outer diameter of the tube straightened, iesuch that the pipe is quite free entry into this segment.Preferably, thick-walled seamless tube with precisely clipped edges.Strip the inner edge burrs from this segment.Hold it in the big bench screw.Prepare erectile pipe, which fill with sand, as described above.Insert the tube to right, in that section of pipe, which is hamstrung.Move to the edge of a place bending length and warming his gas burner or blow torch, slowly press the direction opposite to the bending.