on for what purpose is the canopy depends on its location, the design of the walls and roof.Choosing a place and construct a canopy, purchase necessary materials.On selected for the construction site, make site.Its coating can be wood, concrete, tiled, asphalt.Or leave it as is - a natural lawn.If you want to get away from the canopy is not only protection from the sun and rain in the summer, but also on the snow in winter, follow its design based on the snow load.Pillars make metal or wooden.Installation of metal and wooden poles varies only in diamete
r hole in the ground, dug for their concrete.The ends of wooden poles impregnated with an antiseptic and wrap envelopes made of tar paper.Then set the ink in the their preformed recesses Grout.The depth of the holes under the posts should be at least 60-80sm, the distance between the posts 3-3,5m.All supports must be level.
After installing the piping supports make them top.Upper belt should fix the canopy frame and connect it so rigidly clamps with bearing supports.Top All times are in the field of supporting it on the pillars, connect the cross beams of timber 100h150mm.
Decide on the design of the roof overhang.If there are no outbuildings, water flow in the direction which is not desirable, you can do the roof gable or pent.If any construction there, pent roof is tilted to the opposite side of the buildings.Depending on the design of the roof, install the truss system.On top of the rafters fasten wooden lattice.In the crate and secure the roof.For good slate roofing material, metal profile, lightweight tiles or polycarbonate.