Think about how many sockets and fixtures you need to house e. It depends on the area and how many people will be living with you.Also, plan the type of wiring depends on how often you use large appliances - microwave ovens, washing machines and other household appliances.
Since most appliances are in the kitchen, there is use of large cables and install a greater number of outlets.
Spend install wiring in the repair before you start finishing work to be able to put wires inside walls.During repair work zagotovte via
the groove and punch holes in the walls, which will be posted.
begins to install a cable bush, then phone, antenna cables, then install the twisted pair and speaker cables.Once in the house e will be erected walls and partitions, install the cables for the lighting group.
in rooms with high humidity (bathroom and toilet) install only those lamps and sockets which are protected from moisture.Position of 60 cm from the water source.
use in the electrical power consumption of single-phase meter, when it comes to household power.Set in the shield circuit breakers that protect the network from overloading.
Use wiring harness protective metal pipes and flexible PVC pipe in which the wiring can be run inside the walls and outside.When installing the wiring inside residential use plastic boxes.
also kazh house room must be installed junction boxes, from which you will raise the wire for a group of sockets and lighting groups.