visor main function is to protect the front doors of the negative phenomena of nature.Falling from the roof or snow showers will not be terrible if a person is over the head of a strong and reliable visor.And guests will expect a much nicer host, not standing in the pouring rain, and protected.For this reason, the visor is needed and the private home and public buildings.

From what we can canopy over the porch?

Visor can be made in any form, all depends on the imagination host.For its production uses a variety of materials.But most often it is:

- galvanized iron;
- Slate sheets (flat or corrugated);
- glass;
- polycarbonate;
- rolled materials.

Roofs and may vary by design.At their manufacturing arms of the profile metal, wooden beams, wrought iron curly brackets and others. The means of fixing the visor to the wall of the building can also be varied.It can be mounted directly on the wall of the building above the door or install poles for canopy, under which can fit several people.In recent years become increasingly popular of colored polycarbonate visors.

for a region where the sun shines often as possible to use the Marquises visor.They are designed to protect doors and windows from the sun.But she was not able to withstand the pressure posed by the falling snow, so in the winter it is removed and the front door in this case is without protection, which is not very convenient for the occurrence of a thaw. Before starting the installation work is necessary to determine the visor to its shape, color and size.Thus it is necessary to design in harmony with the design of the house.

Hosts with money prefer forged brackets for mounting canopies.Despite the fact that the structure of this material is very beautiful, you can make an attractive entrance to the house and for less money.The brackets can be used as a natural material, such as tree roots, driftwood, and to apply a colored coating polycarbonate.If you have imagination and Finance can arrange entrance columns with mythical animals.It all depends on the willingness of the owner and his capabilities.

How to make your own hands visor

canopy over the front door, you can make your own hands.For its production need the following tools:

- welding machine, having a capacity of 220;
- electric drill with a set of drill bits;
- Bulgarian;
- and screwdriver bits;
- Roulette;
- screws.

material for fastening the visor may make steel square tube and a sheet of polycarbonate that is the same size and design of the future canopy.

use as a coating of polycarbonate visor provides a number of advantages:

- ease;
- light weight;
- ease of installation;
- flexibility, can be manufactured so that different forms of the structure;
- transparency;
- UV resistance;
- resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
- high strength.

color visor is chosen by the general appearance of the building and roofing.For painting metal construction details apply paint on metal, and for the mounting of the visor using screws of different lengths.

polycarbonate is used for mounting screws with rubber seals to prevent leakage of moisture through the mounting holes. Canopy separated from the construction of the house, equipped with its mountings.To build such a structure should be separately and then attach it to the front of the house, not forgetting the careful sealing of joints.

For the manufacture of semi-circular canopy in a tube used for the frame, make triangular nadpily sharp end inside the tube.Thereafter, the pipe is bent, and when the wide-sawing portion closed, they are fixed by welding.

Such frame members should be two.They are connected by the same pipes arranged transversely.To the lower cross pipe is welded at an angle of 90 degrees two tube segment and combined, thereby producing the triangular brackets.They are mounted on the sides of the door.

Designated welding design stripped file or grinder, and then all the metal parts are colored visor.After drying to secure the polycarbonate structure, but only after the frame is fixed to the wall of the building.