One of the most economical, but also implies a rapid development of the suburban area, solutions - it is building a log home or a cobbled area of ​​20-25 m. This will quickly warm to the core of the future of the country housewhich subsequently "will acquire" additional tweaks and add-ons.
Begin construction work restroom.The best solution - to establish a panel board booth cistern.It can later be moved to any place absolutely.
construction market is pleased to offer consumers hundreds of architectural and design suggestions, but still easier and faster to build a country house from timber or
logs with a wood stove.
When buying carcass immediately take care of the foundations.Remove from the construction site all the topsoil.Boulders or block foundations at fairly good dry soils can be based directly on the surface.Along with the foundations to you it is better to determine the position of the stove in order to lay out for her own concrete foundation, depth of 40-50 cm. When you put the oven, you have to decide for yourself the final height of the foundation.For a furnace in a house foundation is sufficient dimensions 120x80 cm. The walls, as mentioned earlier, it logs or cobbled.Cant take-section 15x15 cm or more.The width of the groove in a smoky log walls is 12 cm.
floors based on wooden joists.Do not forget to include in the design of floors presence of insulation.The roof is made krutouklonnuyu, 45 degrees or more.It will further allow you to adjust the attic under the attic.The roof roof zagotovte soft, Ruberoid.As a temporary roof with a slope of 45 degrees, it can last 10-12 years.You can just put the tile imitates boxed Ruberoid roofs.It is not much more expensive, but looks much prettier, and is twice as much.
ceiling - wood.Lay boards on joists, do not forget about insulation, sound insulation and operational burden of the future premises of the attic.The windows in the house, set just double.An excellent choice would be plastic windows, which are very popular recently.Doors do (buy) reinforced and insulated.It's all.