burzhuek used for the manufacture of cast iron or stainless steel.You can slightly change the design of the furnace, to improve its efficiency.If the furnace is rectangular, you need two steel sheets having a width equal to the width of the furnace, and a length of approximately one quarter less.One sheet weld close to the rear of the stoves;second - to the front, lower than 50 centimeters, so as to form a labyrinth for the passage of hot furnace gases.The distance between the sheets depends on the height of the stove.
If the oven is made in the form of a cylinder, use circular sheets.Cut pieces of metal tangentially at opposite edges of disks.Heat hold out longer, because it does not go away in the pipe directly.
Set the oven on bricks, asbestos
board or a sheet of stainless steel measuring approximately 50x50 cm to dropping embers or sparks do not cause fire.Walls close to the oven protect the screen of stainless steel or overlaid ceramic tiles.Option with tile cheaper and preferable from the standpoint of design.
Then you will need to make the chimney.The pipe must be welded from heavy steel to avoid burns from high temperatures.To make better use of the heat pipe can be stretched across the room.
If you are going to display the smoke through a window in a sheet of asbestos board cut a hole equal to the outer diameter of the pipe.Insert the sheet instead of glass in the upper part of the window.Use the iron is not necessary, sincein the cold through it will leave the warmth of the room.The cracks can be repaired with clay or a mixture of clay and lime.
If the chimney goes through a wooden wall, insulate the pipe asbestos, mineral wool, or other non-combustible material.Wall can protect asbestos sheet or stainless steel.
to heat retained longer, surrounded by a brick stove.However, brick is heated slowly than metal, but it cools down and not so fast.