you need
  • - slabs Penoplex;
  • - foam;
  • - gidrobarernaya film;
  • - beams 27x27 mm;
  • - metallised adhesive tape;
  • - Heat Reflector Ekofol;
  • - dowel;
  • - blockhouse.
Install floor boards Penoplex layer thickness of not less than 35-40 mm, which has a high insulating and hygroscopic properties.Joints sheets Penoplex treat the foam, remove excess.
lay on the stove top vsploshnuyu gidrobarernuyu film, the edges of which the glue metallic tape.
Then lay the floor covering itself and move to the wall insulation, to prepare the surface.
Make sure that the wall surface is clean, durable and smooth, then Cover the their gidrobarernoy film, sheathing her upright timbers measuring 27x27 mm with gaps between them, equal to the widt
h penopleksovyh plates, but not more than 80 cm. The joints of the film glue metallic tape.
insert between the bars and secure with special dowels with a broad hat Penoplex plate.
Over impose Heat Reflector "Ekofol" (it is covered with a metal film of Mylar on one side 3-hmillimetrovy polyethylene foam), which fasten the stapler (temporarily), and glue the edges of adjacent sheets of metallized tape.
Blockhouse mount horizontally, starting from the bottom and moving up once around the perimeter of terraces in concentric rows.This ensures laying blockhouse in neat rows with perfect docking elements in the corners of the room.Start from the door lay a horizontal line around the perimeter, ending on the other side of the opening.
same method Insulate the ceiling, taking into account that the series blockhouse on the ceiling should be fixed in parallel arrangement blockhouse on the walls.If desired, you can replace the blockhouse on battens or OSB.