housing the stove always runs out of brick, so the quality of the bricks will depend largely on.Choose an ordinary red brick.He burned under normal conditions.Check the quality of the bricks can be by tapping on the hull.If the sound of a bell and glass, so it is well dried but not perezhzhen.Take a brick and split it.If he breaks into large pieces, does not crumble, do not hesitate to take the bricks for his furnace.Number of bricks is calculated based on the size of the stove.The size of the furnace depends on the size of the house,
ceiling height and number of households.Standard sizes of furnaces: 2,3h1,6m, 2,1h1,5m, 1,8h1,2m.The walls of the oven, out of brick must have a minimum thickness of 25 cm to the heat that gives the stove accumulated and keep the room temperature constant for a long time.

Before laying the bricks, you have to expel the air by filling the pores with water.To do this, each brick to soak in a bucket of water.
addition bricks you need clay and sand.The sand must be completely dry to be able to sift and clay is better to take the frozen.Three days before the clay masonry fill with water so she could be melted.

to make a solution for bonding masonry, it is necessary to sift sand through a sieve.Clay also through a sieve and mixed with sand in the ratio 1: 1.The fat clay, the greater must be sand.For the lower three rows of masonry oven need to use cement mortar by mixing 1 part cement and 3 parts sand.
Spread the first row of the wall oven dry on a layer of waterproofing, laid the foundation.The first 10 rows of spread, strict checking of horizontal and vertical rows.Subsequent series will involve laying out arches of the mouth of the firebox and flue openings and the roof is being built parallel to the firebox.Between the foundation and set of supporting oven, leave space for saving materials.This cavity is called podpechem.
main element of the oven - this is the crucible (firebox).His suit 80 cm. From the floor and spread, creating a slight rise from the mouth to the back, to make it easier to shovel coal and ashes.Under the firebox arrange cushion insulation of clay, sand and ash to the floor is not heated.From the furnace hearth is separated by two partitions, called cheeks.Above the crucible
also make insulating layer of crushed stone, gravel, bricks that cover layer to form overhang crucible.
Arches in the Russian stove made of bricks laid on edge.In order to make the arch, it is first necessary to establish a temporary shuttering.On it lay the first row of bricks dry, later, when the mold is removed, it is necessary to cover the gaps between the bricks with clay mortar.
Khailo - outlet pipe smoke left in the 23-25 ​​series.His close valve.
final stage of calculations Russian stove - is the creation of a chimney.After all the work the stove should be plastered and whitewashed.