Well, if the country built a house with an attic.This room provides additional space and a full-fledged second or third floor.But often in the attic in the fall, and even more so in winter it is cold.If a summer resident arrives at his hacienda at this time of the year or year-round living in the home, you need to insulate attic.

If the stairs ground floor attic is visible, it is necessary to build a door on hinges to be opened inside.If not, then it penetrates into the hole most of the cold.

To top it was warm in the winter and hot in summer, it is necessary to insulate:
- roof;
- walls;
- floor.

roof insulation

Before you choose the type of insulation you need to lift your head up, being indoors, and see whether the roof lining chipped or visible frame of the boards.In the latter case, in addition to cross-la
thing of boards, shall be visible rails - the base of the roof.

Insulation will be laid between them.If the ceiling Hobbit clapboard or other finishing material, the insulation will be laid directly on it, but first of timber 50x50 mm construct the frame.Squares are nailed lengthwise, parallel to each other.The distance between them is equal to the width of the insulation cloth.

well proven sheets of mineral wool.Therefore, many use them.First, you must put a waterproof film, which will not allow moisture to penetrate into the room, and secure it with tackers.Not all of it is, then the material can be fixed by means of double-sided tape.

layers stacked on top of mineral wool, fixing it with special fasteners for her.In mineral wool lay another layer of waterproofing, fixing it.Now you can obbivat clapboard structure or use a different type of finish.

a multilayer "sandwich", which does not give the cold and moisture to get inside.So you can insulate the ceiling of the attic.

Do windproof walls and floor

As for the walls, then there are two options - external or internal insulation.The interior is done in the same way as described above.Outside transform visible from the street side of the wall.Now many people are used to this siding.

If a home owner is not afraid of heights, has an assistant and right hand rising, it may obbit wall siding.You can select an internal or exterior insulation, or a combination of both.

floors and attic insulated infrequently, because the presence of the ground floor does not give them too cool.You can fill logs, warm, as well as the ceiling and beat the top batten.You can simply on top of the old flooring to lay linoleum, carpet, and reigns in the attic comfortable warmth, and with the oven it will be possible to live all year round.