you need
  • - straw or reeds;
  • - Clay;
  • - sand;
  • - water;
  • - capacity for clay;
  • - board, slabs, bars, rails or other material for the base;
  • - a pitchfork, shovel;
  • - drill with paddle;
  • - shingles or willow twigs.
Make foundation and frame house-huts.You can just drive stakes into the ground and twist them tightly rods, it would be a fairly simple structure for your summer vacation or storage.To make a more substantial shelter erected a concrete foundation, it set the vertical bars, they tamp bars upholster design slabs or boards.
Stud every wall shingles or wicker, to ensure good adhesion to the surface of the clay.Fills the bars at an angle 45⁰, thick branches with an ax by splitting into two halves.If possible, immediately make the roof of the house.
Begin preparation of clay.Prepare the capacity for this, it is best to dig in the ground a large round hole.Place the layers in the pit clay and sand, pour water into the center.
Mix clay - this is best done down.If the capacity is small, use a drill with a special nozzle or usual pin bent.Gradually add the clay straw - the thicker the stem, the better.Straw should be up to half of the mixture, it attaches to the construction of the castle and not allow clay crumble.
Knead the clay, from the center, advancing to the edge.If necessary, add water or straw.Do not just throw a lot of straw, otherwise it will be difficult to interfere.Clay from the edges to the center casting pit.As a result, you should have a fairly homogeneous dough.
wooden walls slightly moisten with water by means of a broom.Clay drove closer to home, you can load it into the cart.Working with clay is better using fork, not a shovel.
hands take a piece of clay about the size of half a loaf of bread, and throw with the force on the wall.This clay has to turn into a pancake and a good stick.A little smudge it, closing the bars or shakes.
If clay is stuck once otderite it, let the wall dry out a bit and try again.Hands from time to time moisten with water.
So close the entire wall surface layer of a few centimeters.Allow the wall to dry a few days - during which time it is inevitable there will be cracks.Seal the new batch of clay and sand with an admixture of a plasticizer.After drying the surface is better to whitewash or cover with lime.