In any case, to begin to determine the purpose of the extension to determine the necessary financial investments.There are many solutions - from the porch to the winter garden.It all depends on the capabilities and imagination.Externally, the extension is better to draw in the same style to the building.Let us consider a few ideas of appointment and extension of the internal design.
Whether you have a holiday house or apartment, the same must be the porch - a dressing room.This is a small outbuilding is especially true for dachas.It is necessary in order not to carry dirty clothes and shoes into the house.If this extension turned out pretty free, it can be done, for example, a small wardrobe.For ease of cleaning is better to decorate the floor tiles.
can build terrasu.Kak
nice with family or friends to gather on the terrace.In any weather will be cozy and comfortable.It can be open (summer) and closed insulated.Summer terrace on the outside can be decorated by planting wild grapes.Terrace is not necessary to clutter furniture.Enough to put a table and a sideboard.It should be a lot of light and air.Terrace can be combined with a summer kitchen - to make the fireplace, decorate it with decorative stone and a small drovnitsu.Especially the way to focus in rainy weather, to create a friendly atmosphere and comfort.
If you are looking for something unusual and funds permit, to create a winter garden.But this design is an extension should be well thought out.Be sure to take into account the good ventilation, lighting, heating and irrigation system.It is best for the winter garden glass walls, but you need to install blinds or tulle from the strong sun.In order to select appropriate plants, you need to consult with a specialist.Sex is better tiled.From furniture for a small round glass, metal or plastic table with a couple of chairs.