you need
  • - pole,
  • - chain,
  • - rag,
  • - clay,
  • - sand,
  • - asbestos fiber,
  • - Alabaster,
  • - metal mesh,
  • - nails or screws.
Over time, once perfectly folded oven starts to smoke - it is the most common situation.The explanation for this unpleasant phenomenon is - in your oven thrust became insufficient.The main cause is congestion in the pipe and flue soot, is, in turn, causes the formation of cracks and fissures in the masonry joints.This not only leads to unnecessary fuel consumption, but also can cre
ate a fire hazard.Avoid smoke allow regular maintenance - cleaning furnace and pipes with the help of a pole and chain at the end of which should be tied cloth or broom.Add fuel to the rock salt, and it will contribute to the absorption of a large amount of soot formed.
The resulting cracks and cracks in the masonry of the furnace can be eliminated with the help of a clay solution.For its preparation should be taken with care, as bold or, conversely, thin layer can lead eventually to the formation of new cracks.Chop and add asbestos fiber in the clay, it will give the necessary elasticity solution.This composition is necessary to coat the furnace door.The very same clay mortar made of sand and clay, which must be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.
There is another reason for the smoke - a small thickness of the walls of the chimney, it can lead to dampness and rapid freezing.Consequently, there is a cooling gas, and accordingly deterioration of traction because of the oven begins to smoke.Increase the thickness of the walls of the chimney, you can, if properly plastered.
If the horizontal surface couches stove cracks, fix it is not difficult.In this case, to help with addition Alabaster asbestos fibers.These fibers are used in the best long-term plaster ovens.They are well linked lime and clay mortar.
Also need to know how to plaster the oven so that it kept for a long time and in good working condition.Before plastering of clay completely clean surface-dried and clear the seams to a depth of 1 cm.To the solution was well-kept, obtyanite stove metal mesh (1,5h1,5 cm) and attach with screws or nails.After that, well to heat the oven.Apply the first coat of the solution to moistened surfaces and after grab first layer, apply a second.The total thickness of the plaster should not exceed 1.5 cm.