Assess house and .Walk through the rooms, open and close all the windows and doors, look in the basement and the attic.Check the condition of the furnace, chimney and roof.As a result of circumvention make a list of necessary work.Calculate an estimate.Keep in mind that the repair will almost certainly require additional costs, so plan on spending coming from the reserve.
Decide who will repair.Some owners prefer to start repairs on their own.However, this approach is reasonable only if you have sufficient time and have the skills of such works.The ideal is to divide responsibilities - workers will be engaged in difficult areas - for example, repair water pipe, roof or over the floor.Well, the owner
coming small labor-intensive work - gluing, painting and the implementation of the general management.
Obtain necessary materials.Choosing them consider their life.Do not skimp on the important areas - such as materials for roofing, water pipes, Flooring.But you can reduce costs by finish - choose cheap wallpaper, paint, linoleum flooring, interior doors.
does not dream of a global reorganization.It is not necessary to carry out alterations to the old house well.The soil under the foundation already compacted in a certain way.Conversion will cause a redistribution of pressure that could result in shrinkage and cracks in the walls.For the same reason it is not recommended to align the walls, slightly changing the angle of inclination.
But with all care should be taken to the sexes.It is best to completely remove the old flooring, strengthened floors, and lay a new board, placing them under the insulation.If you want to put new windows, call a specialist for accurate measurements - most likely, the standard double glazing you will not fit.
If house E has an oven, stove-maker invite him to looked at it and decided that is required for recovery.Note that the current repair of the furnace and chimney cleaning will have to be held annually.